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Custom Order Cloth Pads

Treat yourself by buying one of our custom order cloth pads. Design the perfect reusable cloth sanitary pad for you. First choose a top layer fabric design you like from a wide choice of cool cotton, comfortable cotton jersey, super soft plush or even bamboo velour. We have dozens or fabrics to choose from.Then what pad shape and length you’d like. Next choose the level of absorbency you need from a choice of panty liner, light flow, regular flow, heavy flow and night-time / extra heavy flow. Then finally choose whether or not you’d like the extra protection that a hidden PUL waterproof layer provides.  Better still pick premium Wind Pro Fleece for the very best balance between leak protection and breathability.

Custom orders can take up to two weeks to make depending on how busy I am. And if you are shopping from outside of the UK it will also take an extra few days for your pads to get to you. But I assure you they’ll be worth the wait!

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